The purpose of this design event is to bring together allied design professionals, artists and creative types in a fun competition to create works of beauty and art out of reusable materials that others might only see as rubbish.  The entries should highlight creative use of materials, skillful execution, imaginative vision to create something delightful, conceptually interesting, thought provoking and, most of all, visually compelling. This is an opportunity for the design community to connect to the public via news media and public relations to bring attention to our cause of supporting the Landscape Architecture Development Fund at UH Foundation.


Individuals (includes 1 event ticket)
Standard $75
Early Bird $45
Student Discount -$20 (ID required)


Teams (includes up to 4 event tickets for design team)
Standard $250
Early Bird $175
Student Discount -$100 (ID required for all team members)



1.      All materials used in the making of the RE-LEI must be post-consumer waste, except for string, wire or structural elements and paint, stain or other materials used in the preparation of the recycled material.  Any non-toxic recycled materials are welcomed. 

2.      The RE-LEI must be wholly designed, made and assembled by the entrant or team. 

3.      The submission should be inspired by the  appearance of a lei but we encourage you to use artistic license in your interpretation. Preference will be given to entries that can be worn as lei.

4.      The RE-LEI must be able to fit into the submission box provided (16"x20"x6").  Entries that are untied and coiled within the box are acceptable. If the artwork is wearable and meant to be tied during judging, please make note of that in your entry documentation. No oversized artwork that cannot fit within the submission box will be accepted.

5.      Please use common sense with regard to safety (sharp or pointed items that may injure someone handling the piece after submission) and make the items as safe to handle and wear as you can. If you have sharp, pointed, or otherwise potentially injurious elements – PLEASE LABEL A WARNING on the entry box. 

6.      Make sure your RE-LEI can be displayed either hanging from a wall or flat.

7.      To preserve anonymity, please avoid any information on the lei itself that can be used to identify creator(s)

8.      All entries must comply with local and federal regulations.

Judging criteria

       Artistry (30%)

       Innovation (20%)

       Execution (20%)

       Fulfillment of Theme (15%)

       Creative Re-use of Materials (15%)


9.  In 2017 there will be Categories based on the materials included in your RE-LEI artwork. There will be awards given in each Category. Entrants shall choose and note in which category they wish their entries to be judged and you may ONLY CHOOSE ONE per submission.  Teams or Individuals may enter more than one time, but the entries will be treated separately (separate fee, different ENTRY CODE and the judges will not be aware of any link between entries). If an entrant fails to identify a category, then the predominant material as determined by the competition organizer will be chosen as the entry category for the piece. Any lone entry will be moved to the next most appropriate Category. 

Categories (Pick One) 

●       Plastics

●       Metal or Glass

●       Textiles

●       Paper or Wood

●       Electronic or Composite

●       Mixed Media

●       Ceramic or Concrete



Individuals and teams will be judged as separate categories, but there will be a prize for an overall combined Best of Competition.  Student submissions will be judged in the individual or team category depending on how the RE-LEI is submitted.


Excellence Award winners will receive a prize package that includes supremely exciting and valuable prizes that have yet to be determined! (check back for updates)


The panel of judges is comprised of a Landscape Architect, an Artist, and a leader in the field of Upcycling, Recylcing, or Reuse. 



Early Bird Registration Deadline - Thursday Feb 23, 2017
Pick Up Your Box!  at ASLA Trivia Night at the Agora

Pick Up Your Box!  (The Build Starts) - Saturday March 11, 2017
LAST CHANCE to Register 

Submissions Due - Friday April 14, 2017 before 5pm
Drop off at Belt Collins Hawaii (Conference Room 2)
2153 N. King Street, 2nd Floor 

Awards Presentation - Saturday April 29, 2017
The Surfjack Hotel in Waikiki


·        RE-LEI artwork must fit completely into the entry box provided at the "Pick Up Your Box!" events. It is recommended that pieces should be secured within the box to prevent damage. Submissions are to be delivered to Belt Collins Hawaii, 2153 N. King Street, 2nd Floor Conference Room between 7:30am-5pm on Friday April 14th. Mail-in submissions are acceptable if they arrive before the 5pm deadline. 

·        Entrant shall provide the REQUIRED 5 photos of the finished product (at least one of which is a detailed/macro photo) of the RE-LEI artwork. Up to 5 additional photos of the build in-progress or raw materials are encouraged for a total of 10 photos maximum. Please make sure there is good lighting (natural is best) and the photographs are sharply focused. Captions are permissible, but not required.  Captions will be a maximum of 140 characters. Submit photos in jpg format, name each electronic file by your ENTRANT CODE then add “-1, -2, -3, -4, -5”. Submit captions that describe your photos in a MS Word format with not more than 140 characters for each caption and label with the corresponding file name of jpg.   Please note that ALL PHOTOS SUBMITTED are considered the property of RE-LEI with full rights. These photos can and will be used in media, promotion, press and lots of other ways.  (We want to show off your work and help raise money for the Landscape Architecture Development Fund.)    

·        Describe your RE-LEI artwork (max 250 words). It’s up to you what you want to tell the judges, but you could include what inspired this creation, what you were hoping to convey, why you chose the materials you did, how awful the recycled materials were when you started, how you transformed them, or anything else you like. You are not required to convey the methods you used, but if there is something interesting that you want to explain to the judges here is the place to do it. Provide your description in MS Word format and label file name with ENTRANT CODE. 

·        List materials used (please specifically note any NEW materials that are not post-consumer) 

·        Please do not include any personally identifiable information on this entry form.  Use only your individual or team ENTRANT CODE and use that code to label everything in your entry package. 

·        Create a BRIEF DESCRIPTION for social media posting.  This will be a maximum of 75 words to describe your piece and it's best features.  Use your ENTRANT CODE - BRIEF as part of the file name.